Today in the city Hickam Housing 24.04.2017
The White House has released Obama's drone strike 'playbook'

President Obama released a redacted version of his administration's "playbook" for drone strikes Saturday in response to a successful Freedom of Information Act suit from the American Civil Liberties...

This is how the House of Lords could delay Brexit

Baroness Patience Wheatcroft made national headlines on Monday by warning that the House of Lords would use its powers to delay a Brexit taking place if the matter was put before parliament. The Tory...

White House Letter: A Classified Matter at the White House: Obama’s Star-Studded Galas

President Obama’s 55th birthday party — which, like other private White House celebrations, was kept mostly secret — reflected his embrace of a glamorous stratum of American life.

White House discloses more conditions for lethal drone strikes

White House releases version of President Obama's 3-year-old guidance on the use of lethal force against terrorists overseas

Speaker Ryan says House will not vote on Asia trade bill

Speaker Paul Ryan says the House will note vote this year on the sweeping Asia-Pacific trade deal backed by President Barack Obama

Biggest Challenge for Each 2016 Heisman Candidate

Anticipation and constant debate about preseason college football rankings aren't just for teams. In the last several years, offseason chatter on which player will win the next Heisman Trophy has reac...

The Best Beach Houses in Vogue

What is the one thing in the world you truly want? At the start of August, the answer, for many of us, is a beach house. New York City is already sweltering, but could it be that the worst is yet to c...

Singapore prime minister's wife went to the White House with a student-designed $10 clutch

SINGAPORE — Forget the Birkin and 2.55. This season's It-bag is a S$14.80 ($10) dinosaur-printed clutch designed by a 19-year-old Singaporean, and it's all thanks to prime minister Lee Hsien Loo...

This devastating report shows millennials may never be able to buy a house

"Households can no longer simply age their way to affordability" — Resolution Foundation, The housing headwind report Home ownership is at a 30-year-low, and housing is eating up a growing propo...

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